Yaspa launches usability upgrade to payment journey

We’re delighted to unveil the launch of a significant usability upgrade to Yaspa’s payment solution this month. 

Building on the back of a suite of enhanced user-experience features in July 2023, these optimisations give your customers a best-in-class payments experience to maximise conversion rate.

What do these changes look like for your end-user?

1. Language selector

Payers can now choose their preferred language right at the start of their payment journey by clicking on the relevant flag icon. Current options comprise: English, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek - and we’ll be adding more over the next few months. Formidable!

2. (Even more) simplified journey

If you thought Yaspa’s journey was smooth before, it’s got even better. We’ve reordered the payment process to start straight from the bank selector screen, removing clicks and creating a more intuitive experience designed to optimise conversion.

3. Inclusion of bank settlement times

At Yaspa, we’re all about instant payments, and we want to make sure your users are too. As different banks in different countries can use different payment rails - some of which are instant, some of which are not - we’ve now made it clear from the start which banks will transfer funds instantly. Just look out for the lightning bolt…

(For clarity, payments processed via banks using the UK’s Faster Payment Rails and Europe’s SEPA Instant take seconds to settle. Banks that only have SEPA Credit Transfers enabled will take one business day. This situation changes frequently.)

What do these changes look like for our merchant customers?

Improved notifications from banks

From time to time a payment may fail - for example, if a user is required to take action in their account. We’re now able to give clearer guidelines to explain the likely source of a payment failure. You’ll see this in your merchant dashboard.

Merchant benefits

  • More local languages extends your reach to a wider customer base across Europe.
  • Differentiation by payment rails means you can prioritise those banks offering instant payment, and receive immediate settlement.
  • Detailed failure notification ensures you can identify problems faster and more accurately; improving customer service and settlement times.

These feature changes are live within the Yaspa solution to all customers as of Thursday, 23 August 2023; with no action required. 

If you have any questions or further feature requests, please speak to your Customer Success Manager. We are always delighted to hear from you. And if you’re interested in learning more about integrating Yaspa, contact us here.

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