Paying never felt so good: Yaspa launches new, optimised payment journey on mobile

We’re excited to unveil the addition of a number of new features to Yaspa’s mobile payment journey. By optimising the user-experience (UX) functionality, we will continue to offer consumers an easy-to-use payment experience that’s now even more simple and intuitive. The upgraded journey is live at checkout today with no extra integration required, and can be accessed directly from mobile or via our QR code journey. 

Underpinned by rigorous user-testing, optimisations to the new payment flow will instil more trust from consumers and a greater sense of safety owing to a cleaner design, security trust marks and local languages. Watch the demo to see it in action:

What do these changes look like for your end-consumer?

For businesses that are existing customers of Yaspa, these changes will automatically appear in the mobile payment journey of your existing integration with us: 

UX improved user interface

Features include a clearer progress bar and supporting text prompts, helping users to know exactly where they are in the payment journey and what to expect next. 

Country bank selector

We’ve increased the number of banks available across Europe. Users can now pick from a wider selection of banks easily using the country tab on the bank selector screen.

Language options 

We’ve localised the Yaspa payment experience to offer payment journeys in English, French, German, Swedish and Finnish (with more on their way). 

Merchants: for more details on how the language is set the payment journey, please read our developer documents.

What do these changes look like for our merchant customers? 

We continue to apply feature updates to the back-end merchant interface too, which include:

Payment guarantees

Merchants will be notified when payments are made, and importantly, when funds land into your account. This massively reduces instances of fraud where a transaction is submitted to banks for processing but later rejected by the bank’s internal checks.

Optimised merchant dashboard 

The first in a series of improvements to the merchant dashboard include: 

  • Dates have been changed to timestamps,
  • More intuitive search options,
  • Status colours for easy monitoring, 
  • The ability to attach a bespoke string to a searchable text field to better track payments and transaction data.

What does this mean for our merchant customers?

  • Access more markets across Europe through widespread bank connectivity.
  • Offer your customers a better experience and greater visibility through the provision of more banks, new language options, trust marks and journey progress indicators.
  • Further boost conversions with a more intuitive journey that removes friction by taking even less time to complete.
  • Future-proof your checkout or deposit screens by keeping pace with consumer demand for alternative payment methods that are fast and easy to use.
  • Full visibility into your payment process, but in a simplified way thanks to transaction notifications and dashboard optimisations. No more dealing with the complexity of managing thousands of banking institutions and differing processes. 

These changes are now live in the Yaspa process as of Wednesday, 19 July 2023; and no action is necessary. If you have any questions or further feature requests, please speak to your Customer Success Manager. We are always delighted to hear from you. And if you’re interested in learning more about integrating Yaspa into your checkout, contact us here.

Further reading: View the Yaspa developer documentation

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