OKTO uses Citizen to offer instant e-wallet top-ups using real-time payments

OKTO’s award-winning app, OKTO.WALLET, provides one of the leading e-wallets for the iGaming, entertainment and leisure industries. As OKTO planned their expansion into the UK market, they needed a way to provide customers with the ability to make payments to and from their wallets securely, in real-time - critical to their ethos of ensuring frictionless digital payment journeys. 

What OKTO found in Citizen was just that - an innovative way to verify accounts securely for Know Your Customer (KYC) while completing top-ups and withdrawals instantly, with user-friendly, easy journeys. All in under one minute. 

In this short case study, learn more about how OKTO and Citizen’s partnership has been so successful, and why Citizen is now one of OKTO’s main pay-in and payout providers in the UK.

Download the case study here.

Yaspa is the new name for Citizen. Read more on our rebrand here.

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