Easier payments for your customers

Overhaul your payment processes with open banking. With Yaspa you get bill payments with instant settlement and transaction management that's as easy-as-pie.

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Case study

How Metro Prepaid are using open banking for responsible energy usage

“Of course the greenest form of energy is energy that you don’t use because it doesn’t need to be generated. So as well as the usage benefits to both  tenants and landlords – particularly those who were including energy bills  in their rent – transparency about energy usage is vital for carbon reduction.”

Iain Clarke | Director, Metro Prepaid
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Real-time payments

Yaspa provides instant verified payments and payouts without the need to enter details. Customers can make payments in seconds through their mobile phone or laptop, with no need for codes, PINs or special apps.





Easily add unique payment links to request payment from your customers via any channel. Payments are sent from your customer's account to yours, and settle in seconds.

As well as formal invoicing, you can send out payment links through multiple other environments including messaging and social media.

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Keep it flexible with Yaspa’s modular system


Transform your conversion rates with instant cardless payments that are super secure, super easy and settle in seconds.


Provide fast and secure payouts, withdrawals and refunds, direct from your business account to your customer's.

Account Verification

Reduce fraud and KYC time by verifying your customer's bank account in a seamless process, ensuring faster, risk-free payments.

Verification Plus

Transform your KYC with real-time data and insights on customer affordability, source-of-funds, and key markers of risk.

Virtual Accounts

Create instant e-money accounts with individual virtual IBANs in sterling and Euro, ready to use immediately.

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By developers, for developers

You can integrate Yaspa directly into your own systems, or access through a range of third-party integrators.
The Yaspa dashboard makes transaction information, payments and refunds super-simple to manage.