Easy cardless payments at the till

Instant cardless payments, with multiple billing journeys for maximum conversion.

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How land-based casinos and book makers use Yaspa to offer instant deposits and withdrawals

Yaspa uses open banking to enable players to deposit and withdraw funds in real time, on site. Whether it's a cashier point, games table or a slot machine, simply display a QR code to offer instant, verified payments that are easy to reconcile - no need for cash, cards or apps.

Learn how Yaspa's payments are being used at the point of sale (POS) by land-based gaming businesses.

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fast, simple payments

Secure cardless payments

Get paid in seconds, straight from the customer's bank to your merchant account.

Multiple payment journeys with elegant UX for online and offline experiences.

Eliminate chargebacks with a bank-level security payments solution.


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Money management

Manage multiple merchant accounts easily from one intuitive dashboard.

Identify payment trends, account holders, suspicious activity, automate reports, and send refunds to verified accounts instantly.

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Keep it flexible with Yaspa’s modular system


Transform your conversion rates with instant cardless payments that are super secure, super easy and settle in seconds.


Provide fast and secure payouts, withdrawals and refunds, direct from your business account to your customer's.

Account Verification

Reduce fraud and KYC time by verifying your customer's bank account in a seamless process, ensuring faster, risk-free payments.

Verification Plus

Transform your KYC with real-time data and insights on customer affordability, source-of-funds, and key markers of risk.

Virtual Accounts

Create instant e-money accounts with individual virtual IBANs in sterling and Euro, ready to use immediately.

easy integratoin

By developers, for developers

Integrate Yaspa yourself directly into your systems, or work with leading industry payment platforms.