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Bank-based payments with a great customer experience. Get instant settlement on fund transfers, deposits and investments.

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Case study

How VCL Vintners uses Yaspa to allow customers to effortlessly transfer large sums

“We’re reimagining VCL as a fintech - like a Nutmeg for whisky cask investments that’s just as comparable in terms of ease of use, customer access and the freedom for anyone to make an informed decision. Yaspa fits really well into our kind of payment options. It’s convenient for customers but also cost-effective to us as a business as we do our bit towards transforming the industry.”

Alex Fiddock | CMO, VCL Vintners
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Instant cardless payments

Yaspa provides instant verified payments and payouts without the need to enter details manually or download additional codes or apps.

Users can deposit or withdraw funds easily, whether they trade commodities, crypto, FX or whisky flasks...


create closed-loop payments

Verified accounts

Confirm account ownership with real-time data straight from a user’s bank account.

Now you can connect and verify bank accounts in under a minute – creating a quick and easy onboarding and payment setup process.


Keep it flexible with Yaspa’s modular system


Transform your conversion rates with instant cardless payments that are super secure, super easy and settle in seconds.


Provide fast and secure payouts, withdrawals and refunds, direct from your business account to your customer's.

Account Verification

Reduce fraud and KYC time by verifying your customer's bank account in a seamless process, ensuring faster, risk-free payments.

Verification Plus

Transform your KYC with real-time data and insights on customer affordability, source-of-funds, and key markers of risk.

Virtual Accounts

Create instant e-money accounts with individual virtual IBANs in sterling and Euro, ready to use immediately.

easy integration

By developers, for developers

You can integrate Yaspa directly into your own systems, or access through a range of third-party integrators.
The Yaspa dashboard makes transaction information, deposits and withdrawals super-simple to manage.