Marketing pack

This marketing and communications pack is here to help you make the most of Yaspa’s instant bank payments - and help you convert customers more easily.

Our account-to-account (A2A) payments are so fast and simple it's hard to believe, but not all your customers will be familiar with this method just yet. So while we continue to test and refine our messaging, in line with other providers of open banking A2A payments, we'd also love to get your feedback. Just email us at marketing [@] We'd love to hear from you.


Yaspa is a 'Payment Initiation Service', which means we kick-start the process that enables a customer to make payment directly into your account from theirs. So it's worth making clear:

  • Your customer controls the payment directly from their online banking app or website. There's no extra security or barriers they need to go to, beyond what they'd normally do to verify a payment.
  • They don't need to have an account or app with Yaspa, download anything, or use any PINs or wait for any security codes to be messaged to them. It's super simple.
  • Yaspa's value comes in connecting and verifying their bank account, and in prefilling all the bank account and payment information - so there's no need for your customer to type (or mis-type!) any numbers. Payments are made in seconds, in just a few taps, and money will typically leave their account instantly - so they always know exactly where they are.

These are some of the phrases we suggest you use if you're explaining how to pay with Yaspa to your customers: 

  • Instant bank payment
  • Pay without your card in 3 easy steps
  • No cards, no codes, no apps
  • Pay without the plastic
  • Pay easily from your phone, desktop, or tablet
  • Pay with just your fingertip
  • An easy 3-step payment

If you work with other merchants, then you might also want to use the following phrases:

  • Manage multiple accounts easily (if corporate accounts)
  • “Plug and play” integration
  • Simplify your checkout with payments that convert
  • Reduce the time, effort and cost of accepting payments
  • Easy refunds/payouts to verified accounts
  • 36x faster than cards
  • Access funds instantly
  • Get rid of chargebacks
  • No “fat finger” errors

Yaspa logo assets

Use our logos for any communication material (email, social posts, blog posts etc.)

How to introduce Yaspa

Introducing Yaspa to Your consumers

A typical social post might read:

You're now able to make instant bank payments through Yaspa in our [checkout/website]. As long as you've got online access to a [UK/region] bank account, it's super easy to [shop/pay/deposit funds] without a card, direct from your account to ours. No PINs or downloads necessary.

Let's pay without the plastic.🎉

Introducing Yaspa to your Business Partners

If you are rolling out Yaspa's instant bank payments to your business partners (for example multiple different retailers or premises), you'll need to explain who we are and the value we'll bring. Here's some suggested copy:

For social posts:

🤝 We have partnered with Yaspa to offer instant bank payments/deposits. You can now add Yaspa to your checkout/website to accept secure and fast end-to-end payments. You can learn more about cardless payments here:

For an introductory email:

Hi {},

XYZ has partnered with Yaspa to provide instant bank payments - which offer immediate account-to-account transfer of funds - and you can now add Yaspa to your checkout/website today.

We recommend Yaspa's cardless payments because they:

  • Settle immediately - at least 36x faster than cards
  • Cut out intermediaries to offer lower processing costs
  • Can send refunds/payouts direct to verified account holders, reducing fraud and chargebacks.

Using open banking technology, Yaspa's account-to-account (A2A) payments are faster, safer and more cost-effective than cards. If you are interested in learning more about cardless payments, you can contact Yaspa here:

any questions, just contact us!