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PSPs and partners

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Yaspa works with a wide range of third party payment services providers (PSPs), gateways and referrers. We'd love to hear from you.

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How payment services providers use Yaspa to boost conversion and meet consumer demand

Yaspa gives payment providers and their merchant customers cardless payments powered by open banking. An alternative payment method that is secure, cost-effective and conversion-boosting while enabling shoppers to pay-by-bank effortlessly, at speed.

Dive into our two-page guide to discover the benefits.  

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fast, frictionless payments

Payments that convert

Secure, cardless payments with bank-level security for online and offline experiences.

Yaspa’s award-winning payment journeys are tailored to our merchants’ environments, with bespoke UX and fully tested bank connections to ensure conversions are maximised.

Users pay directly from their bank in seconds - 36x faster than cards.


turnkey solution

Direct gateway integration

Easily integrate Yaspa into your - or your merchants’ - existing systems for accelerated speed to market, and alternative payment methods consumers love.

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referral partnerships

Broader client offering

Help merchants to make more of their money with more cost-effective payments and no risk of chargebacks - via your gateway or a referral partnership.

Our team of payment and industry experts are on hand to help you and your merchants, with flexible payment modules, referral arrangements and revenue packages to meet all needs.


Keep it flexible with Yaspa’s modular system


Transform your conversion rates with instant cardless payments that are super secure, super easy and settle in seconds.


Provide fast and secure payouts, withdrawals and refunds, direct from your business account to your customer's.

Account Verification

Reduce fraud and KYC time by verifying your customer's bank account in a seamless process, ensuring faster, risk-free payments.

Verification Plus

Transform your KYC with real-time data and insights on customer affordability, source-of-funds, and key markers of risk.

Virtual Accounts

Create instant e-money accounts with individual virtual IBANs in sterling and Euro, ready to use immediately.

easy integratoin

By developers, for developers

Integrate Yaspa directly into your existing gateway for a turnkey solution and easy merchant adoption.