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Verification Plus

Account verification, affordability and risk checks delivered through a combination of open banking with a touch of AI - to ensure a friction-free journey, with customer analysis you can trust.

A KYC experience, like you've never seen before.

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(without the friction)

Easily verify your customer's account information, source-of-funds, and transaction behaviour for full risk analysis.

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Connect to Payments
for added punch

Combining Verification Plus with Yaspa's Payments modules gives you access to the insights you need as transactions are being made.

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Real-time results
for instant insights

Deploy Verification Plus as a standalone service or integrated into your existing onboarding or CRM systems, with insights on-demand.

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Industry Use case

How Yaspa's Verification Plus takes the friction out of Safer Gambling checks

By combining Verification Plus with Payments, Yaspa's account checks are permissioned and conducted at the same time a player makes a deposit, delivering a smooth and friction-free process that maintains conversion rates while giving operators the insights they need to meet their regulatory requirements.

Learn more about Yaspa's unique Safer Gambling solution. 

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Product features


Instant verification

Understand your customers' profiles at a glance, either on-demand or during payment. Verify accounts and understand risk-based classifications.


Flexible access

Receive a full data feed for integration into your existing systems, or access Yaspa Verification Plus data through our dashboard.


Access with consent

Access to account data is delivered through open banking APIs, with access permitted via customer's biometric authentication.
Full GDPR permissions are maintained.

igaming use case #1

Operator control

iGaming operators can use Verification Plus to assess a player for markers of harm and derive a Safer Gambling score in a matter of seconds.

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Pan-operator analysis

By analysing a player's behaviour across multiple operators, a more complete picture of that player be derived, allowing more appropriate customer handling.

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Fraud identification

Use Verification Plus to identify instances of  multiple account creation across operators and other signifiers of likely fraud or operator abuse.

Create an industry-leading
KYC solution with Yaspa

Payments don't have to be painful.
Yaspa's real-time Payments and Payouts modules combine with Verification Plus to deliver affordability and risk checks that are truly friction-free.

Keep it flexible with Yaspa’s modular system

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Transform your conversion rates with instant cardless payments that are super secure, super easy and settle in seconds.

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Provide fast and secure payouts, withdrawals and refunds, direct from your business account to your customer's.

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Account Verification

Reduce fraud and KYC time by verifying your customer's bank account in a seamless process, ensuring faster, risk-free payments.

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Virtual Accounts

Create instant e-money accounts with individual virtual IBANs in sterling and Euro, ready to use immediately.

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