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The nuts and bolts

Everything you need to get started with the future of payments

Easy integration

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easy integration

By developers, for developers

You want to see what's involved when committing to a new service.

We lay out everything you need in our documentation.

You can integrate directly with Yaspa, or through a wide range of PSPs and payment gateways, such as PaymentIQ and Praxis.

You can integrate Yaspa directly into your own systems, or access through a range of third-party integrators.
The Yaspa dashboard makes transaction information, deposits and withdrawals super-simple to manage.

Developer docs

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Add cardless payments for your customers. We do the heavy lifting, giving you fast access to the future of online payments.

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Account Verification

Need to verify account ownership? We make it easy for your customers to verify their accounts securely, without friction.

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Flexible. Whatever your customer journey.

The Yaspa payment experience adapts to any customer journey, so your customer can pay and verify using their preferred device.

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App to App

Your customer starts the payment on your app, and approves it using their mobile banking app.

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Web to App

Your customer starts the payment on your website (mobile or desktop) and approves it using their mobile banking app.

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Web to Web

Your customer starts the payment on your website (desktop) and approves it on their bank's website.

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Range of integration options

We've designed our product to be integrated by anyone. From non-tech businesses that want a simple way to request money, to large enterprises looking for a fully integrated payments API.

No coding knowledge needed

Send payment requests straight from the Yaspa dashboard. Perfect if you don't have an online presence.

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Low code

Get up and running fast by utilising Yaspa's hosted payment journey. We take care of everything from payment outcome handling to device optimisation.

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Full code

Enjoy all the benefits of Yaspa's payment experience, embedded directly onto your site.

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Friendly support

We're here to help throughout your integration.
We provide fast support for all our partners via Slack - or whatever tools work best for you.