How Wonderful uses Citizen to enable fee-free donations for hundreds of charities

Founded in response to mounting pressure on fundraising platforms that earned a commission on charitable donations, is a 100% fee-free fundraising platform that partners with corporate sponsors to eliminate operating costs so that no fees or charges are deducted from charitable donations.  

However, donations, like the majority of transactions, are card-based payments meaning that card processing fees account for a significant amount of these costs. So, as Wonderful’s success grew and donations flooded in, so did the payment transaction fees, and eventually, the business model no longer seemed viable.

Wonderful needed a more cost-effective, easy-to-use payments solution that could help them to deliver on their promise of fee-free donations, and Citizen were on-hand to help. 

In this short case study, learn how Citizen’s instant cardless payments have helped Wonderful to support hundreds of charities to retain all of their donations and raise millions more by using fast and secure account-to-account (A2A) technology, powered by open banking. Citizen has even won an award for the partnership!  

Download the case study here.

Read more about how Citizen’s partnership with Wonderful won the award for Best Open Banking Payments Project at the Open Banking Expo awards 2022.

Yaspa is the new name for Citizen. Read more on our rebrand here.

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