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The state of open banking: in the UK

This article delves into the thriving landscape of open banking in the UK, featuring 10.8m transactions and advanced infrastructure. Explore payment trends, challenges, and integration further.

Yaspa open banking glossary

Welcome to Yaspa's open banking glossary. Get past the jargon and explore our comprehensive list of definitions for open banking terms here.

How has fintech revolutionised the way people pay?

Yaspa’s CEO, James Neville, joins The Fintech Power 50 and industry experts, to analyse key factors influencing payments, offering insights into an innovative industry.

Pioneering women in fintech: Career journeys, diversity, and the path forward

Yaspa’s Head of Commercial, Amie Kadhim, joins The Fintech Power 50 webinar to discuss perspectives on industry diversity & the necessary changes in Fintech.

The three main routes to open banking integration

Learn more with Yaspa about approaches to open banking integration, working with API aggregators, & using end-to-end solutions for rapid implementation.

The future of open banking

Discover what lies ahead for open banking in Yaspa's three-part report exploring its role in consumer safety, the impact of AI and what to expect from PSD3.

Press release: payment provider Yaspa appoints former Playtech innovation lead as CTO

Award-winning payment provider, Yaspa, has appointed former Playtech executive, Toby Sucharov, to the position of Chief Technology Officer.

How can innovations in open banking benefit your business?

Yaspa's CEO, James Neville, joins The Fintech Power 50 in a recent webinar to discuss the business benefits of open banking and the transformational payment innovations to look out for.

Open finance vs open banking: are they the same thing?

What is open finance? In this blog post, we are simplifying open finance and explaining how it could potentially revolutionise the fintech market in the UK.