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The state of open banking in: the Netherlands

Yaspa explores open banking in the Netherlands. Discover the rise of payments, iDEAL key differences, challenges and more.

The state of open banking in: the UK

Yaspa explores open banking in the UK. Discover how the UK likes to pay, payment trends, challenges and much more.

Yaspa's payment services: A quick guide

Discover how payment services can benefit from Yaspa's fast, secure and cost-effective payment solution in our quick guide.

Yaspa open banking glossary

Welcome to Yaspa's open banking glossary. Get past the jargon and explore our comprehensive list of definitions for open banking terms here.

The power of automated payment reconciliation for efficiency

Discover how automated processes with Yaspa streamline financial accuracy and offer real-time updates, for efficiency and compliance.

Press release: Yaspa launches landmark Casino Lugano integration

Visitors to Switzerland’s Casino Lugano are now able to make deposits in seconds, thanks to leading payment provider Yaspa.

How has fintech revolutionised the way people pay?

Yaspa’s CEO, James Neville, joins The Fintech Power 50 and experts, to analyse factors influencing payments, offering insights into an innovative industry.

Travel and payments: How open banking is transforming the travel industry

Open banking can revolutionise how the travel industry makes payments. Learn with Yaspa how bank-based payments can reduce costs, prevent fraud, and more.

Pioneering women in fintech: Career journeys, diversity, and the path forward

Yaspa’s Head of Commercial, Amie Kadhim, joins The Fintech Power 50 webinar to discuss perspectives on industry diversity & the necessary changes in Fintech.

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