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What are instant payment networks and how do they work?

Yaspa explores how instant payment networks operate and why they're integral to open banking.

The state of open banking in: the Netherlands

Yaspa explores open banking in the Netherlands. Discover the rise of payments, iDEAL key differences, challenges and more.

The state of open banking in: the UK

Yaspa explores open banking in the UK. Discover how the UK likes to pay, payment trends, challenges and much more.

Yaspa open banking glossary

Welcome to Yaspa's open banking glossary. Get past the jargon and explore our comprehensive list of definitions for open banking terms here.

The power of automated payment reconciliation for efficiency

Discover how automated processes with Yaspa streamline financial accuracy and offer real-time updates, for efficiency and compliance.

Travel and payments: How open banking is transforming the travel industry

Open banking can revolutionise how the travel industry makes payments. Learn with Yaspa how bank-based payments can reduce costs, prevent fraud, and more.

The three main routes to open banking integration

Learn more with Yaspa about approaches to open banking integration, working with API aggregators, & using end-to-end solutions for rapid implementation.

Variable Recurring Payments in 2023: Their untapped potential

This article explores the untapped potential of VRPs, and the regulatory issues governing their roll out in the UK today.

Everything you need to know about payment gateways

What is a payment gateway? Is it the same with a payment processor? How does it work and how do I choose one for my online business?