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How has fintech revolutionised the way people pay?

Yaspa’s CEO, James Neville, joins The Fintech Power 50 and experts, to analyse factors influencing payments, offering insights into an innovative industry.

Pioneering women in fintech: Career journeys, diversity, and the path forward

Yaspa’s Head of Commercial, Amie Kadhim, joins The Fintech Power 50 webinar to discuss perspectives on industry diversity & the necessary changes in Fintech.

Verifying funds: how open banking can ensure compliant commerce

Yaspa’s CEO, James Neville, discusses with finance reporter, George Frost, how open banking can help merchants easily connect identity and payments.

How can innovations in open banking benefit your business?

Yaspa's CEO, James Neville, joins The Fintech Power 50 in a webinar to discuss the benefits of open banking and the transformational payment innovations.

Identity fraud: what it is and how to prevent it

Yaspa’s CEO, James Neville, discusses how fintechs can help merchants tackle fraud and the impact of identity theft on payments and digital currencies.

Cash and consumers - Changing payment habits

James Neville, Yaspa’s CEO, joins Business Reporter in a second podcast to discuss cash, consumers and the impact of payments on our behaviour.

Biometric, blockchain and Buy Now, Pay Later - The future of payments

James Neville, Citizen’s CEO, joins Business Reporter to discuss the latest innovations in payments and financial services as BNPL and blockchain developments are transforming how we pay.