The future of open banking

In the past decade the world of finance, especially banking, has undergone tremendous change due to rapid advancements in technology. A major driver of this change is open banking, which refers to the secure sharing of customer financial data with financial institutions and providers (with the the customer's explicit consent).

In particular, innovations in payments powered by open banking are changing the checkout experience for both businesses and consumers across a range of sectors, including the way customers are protected.

To keep up with these developments, read Yaspa's latest report on The future of open banking, and learn more about:

1. The compelling role played by open banking in consumer safety and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, including how it's being leveraged by the iGaming sector

2. The influence of future technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), on open banking and open finance, and the way it's enhancing the customer experience, and

3. The anticipated legislative changes that will shape its global trajectory, such as the third Payment Service Directive (PSD3).

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